Five Popular Workflow Software Applications

Human error, time constraints, missing information and reliance on slow, outdated processes like sending important documents via snail mail can impede workflow and cost you time, money and client loyalty. In today’s fast-paced, competitive world, managing your business data and procedures quickly and accurately is essential. Workflow management applications can streamline important processes and help you improve customer relations, boost productivity and ultimately increase your profits. Listed below are five popular workflow management tools that could help you run your business more efficiently.

1. WorkflowMax

Considered by some to be the top all-in-one workflow solution, WorkflowMax helps your company stay connected in real-time with integrated, streamlined options for lead management, project management, job costing and management, right through to invoicing. Built on proprietary technology, WorkflowMax is accessible via the Internet and mobile apps.

2. Issuetrak

Issuetrak workflow management software is notable for its easy installation and great support knowledge base. It is also fully customizable and scalable, so it can meet the needs of a variety of organizations. Features include automatic alerts, auto-assignment, flexible reporting and custom forms to help you automate and optimize workflow as needed. With Issuetrak, you can define target dates, associate issues with individual projects and even control access to issues and statistics.

3. DaPulse Online Collaboration

DaPulse is ideally suited for growing companies. It helps create a unified, open view of your company’s big picture that includes its priorities and progress. The online collaboration tool encourages an environment of cooperation, coordination and enthusiasm towards an end goal. With options like shareable and private boards, the need for multiple meetings and calls are reduced. Public recognition of accomplishments fuels passion, promotes teamwork and keeps everyone moving in the same direction.

4. Business Management Software by Intelex Technologies

Web-based business management software applications from Intelex are trusted by more than one million users across the globe. Since 1992, Intelex has helped successful business owners manage documents, perform audits, configure forms, produced detailed reports and develop training to optimize business performance and keep data moving.

5. Methodologee

Methodologee process management software is a top-rated and affordable product that is useful to both newly formed companies and those that are ready to scale. The simple, user-friendly system helps you create operations manuals, define step-by-step processes, collaborate with your team and manage recurrent tasks. With Methodologee, you can easily add and share procedures with your team, incorporate video and other media within communications, and jump to any of your accounts instantly from your dashboard.

Choosing the Right Workflow Software for Your Needs

The products listed above are a small sample of what is available to help support your business. Choosing the right workflow software is essential for getting the best results. First, consider your industry; some applications are designed for use within specific industries while others are customizable and can be applied in a variety of settings. Once you have determined which selections are most appropriate for your field, make a list of individual processes that you would like to streamline, change, automate or eliminate, and compare it to the capabilities of your remaining software options. Before investing in any product, seek advice and support from peers who are using or have tried it; this is a great way to prevent unpleasant surprises and prepare for potential glitches during installation and use. If you can commit to a little research and you’re willing to embrace change, the decision to incorporate workflow software could potentially transform your business.