How The Internet Of Things Will Impact Manufacturing

The IoT or Internet of Things is transforming the landscape of the manufacturing industry’s data collection and analysis. IoT in manufacturing today can gather data from equipment and machines to change the systems and processes of present day factory environment. IoT technologies can potentially upgrade visibility in the manufacturing industry in a radical way so that each production unit can be monitored accurately at every step during the process of production. Unit-level visibility will replace batch-level visibility, bringing in the smart manufacturing era. Neglecting or denying the revolution that IoT can usher in, will only result in manufacturers falling behind their competitors or losing clients who value innovation and speed. Continue reading

How Robots Are Changing Manufacturing

The field of robotics is evolving rapidly, ushering the era of a technologically-advanced industrial revolution in the coming years. In fact, industrial robots are the key to the revolutionizing of manufacturing, with faster, cheaper and smarter robots being built to take up on human traits and capabilities such as dexterity, trainability, sensing and memory. Consequently, such robots find great use in jobs like packaging and picking, inspecting and testing products, as well as assembling small and large electronics. The change brought about by robots in manufacturing is evident and prominent, which is clearly illustrated through the following lines. Continue reading